Welcome to BubbleBlick! - a stream of your relevant dashboards, worksheets and story points.  We call it BubbleBlick! because using (patent pending) machine learning technologies, your most pertinent reports bubble up to the top of your stream! 

BubbleBlick! is a new and different way to view your organisation's content on Tableau Server.  It's novel, because you don't need to search for what you need, everything is served up in your own personal, dynamic, secure, stream.

  • BubbleBlick! dynamically sorts your dashboards, so you can save time searching.
  • BubbleBlick will automatically recommend dashboards, based on your interactions.
  • BubbleBlick! will proactively alert you. You'll get notified when dashboards change!
  • BubbleBlick! has built in responsive design, so you can securely access your dashboard stream on any device.

Sort and control your BubbleBlick! based on:

  • Time
  • Author
  • What's Popular
  • Recommender Engine
  • Neutral Net
  • Original
  • Alerts
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