Dashboard Design & Development

We can design, build, and integrate awesome dashboards for you. Whether you need an operational dashboard that directs your team’s actions, a responsive, mobile-ready portal for your C-suite, or to integrate Tableau into your existing environment we can help you make the most of your resources. We ask the right questions to get at the most important metrics and data to display then create beautiful, actionable dashboards that your users will love. We’re experts in Tableau’s Javascript API and can provide you with the user experience that your team needs.

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Whether you're looking to learn Tableau or deepen your practice, we can train you. We offer fundamentals as well as advanced Tableau. More classes include visual design practices, performance tuning, building Tableau-ready data sources, dashboard creation, and using Tableau efficiently. DataBlick is able to customize each Tableau training to meet your needs, a key Padwan advantage.

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Help Me DataBlick!

Get help now with our innovative HelpMeDataBlick service. We offer hotline support to help you and your Tableau users get detailed help on specific questions, or even a quick dashboard polish for that big client meeting. Send us a note, we'll come to the rescue! You can pay as you go for $250/hour or purchase blocks of hours in advance.

Data Wrangling

Data doesn’t always come wrapped up with a bow ready to tell a story. Modeling, reshaping and cleansing data is an essential step to create the picture that speaks a volume. The DataBlick team is expert at creating the right visualizations, and making them fast. We have experience working with Enterprise server architectures and can help build your awesome reports from the ground up.

Viz Alerts

VizAlerts  is an open source platform for taking data driven actions based on Tableau Server views that adds functionality beyond Tableau's built-in subscription features. Our own Jonathan Drummey is one of the lead contributors and DataBlick is proud to support this project! We are available for consulting on whether VizAlerts is suitable for your environment as well as implementation and custom development for VizAlerts.

Custom Map Design

DataBlick has consistently been an innovator in creating gorgeous and functional maps in Tableau and Mapbox. We can help you create the map design you want and effectively tie it back to your source data.


We are more than a bunch of data nerds with pretty faces. DataBlick is proud to support the efforts of the Tableau Foundation. We use our expertise to lend a hand to many initiatives, including support of the #VisualizeNoMalaria project http://visualizenomalaria.org/