Jonathan Drummey

Data Whisperer


Jonathan’s deep understanding of Tableau is matched only by the energy he has for sharing his knowledge with others.

Jonathan’s expertise has been cultivated through years of helping others with their infinitely diverse problems on the Tableau forum. Jonathan shares Tableau’s mission to help people see and understand their data, and has helped countless Tableau users do just that. He also is the force behind Drawing With Numbers: thoughts on data visualization and drawing with Tableau.

View Jonathan's Tableau portfolio.

Anya A'Hearn

Data Fashionista


Blending her background in economics and product design Anya specializes in creating dashboards that are as useful as they are beautiful.

The founder of DataBlick, Anya has long been a source for serious data wrangling and aesthetics. She had a wild dream to transform the data rendering world, and pulled together brilliant artists with a shared passion for doing extraordinary things with data. With Anya at the helm, this team of visionaries create the magic that is DataBlick. Check out Anya's Tableau Conference Presentations:

  • TCC13 Presentation on "Using design and emotion to create a data visualization product with impact"
  • TC15 (and Think Data Thursday) Tableau and Mapbox #GeoSpatialLove
  • View Anya's Tableau portfolio.

    Noah Salvaterra

    Drops the Data Mic


    Noah’s unique blend of mathematics, artistry, and curiosity combine to form a toolbox that even other Zen Masters call ridiculous. Demonstrating the highest order talent, he rapidly develops clear, fast, and beautiful visualizations that drive decisions, delight his clients and exceed their expectations.


    Chris DeMartini

    Pixel Bender Extraordinaire

    Chris DeMartini came to the Tableau community through his work in network graphing. He has focused on incorporating dynamic aspects to his visualizations and often blogs about these techniques on Datablick. Some of his past work includes the likes of jump plots, hive plots, circular networks and even a family tree. His passion for data analytics and all things Tableau have led him to challenge the notion of whether a visualization technique is possible, and then prove that it is.  In addition to his work with Datablick, Chris has past experience within the risk and audit professions and is now focused in data visualization at Visa. 

    Cathy Bridges

    Data Artisan

    Cathy Bridges was introduced to Tableau in 2011 when she reverse engineered a Tableau workbook. In 2015, she discovered Alteryx, which radically expanded her skill in data processing and visualization. She is currently an Alteryx ACE, was among the first beta testers for Tableau Online and has served on the Tableau Online Customer Advisory Board.

    Cathy loves helping as many people as she can, and especially enjoys working with newcomers to Alteryx. She was pleasantly surprised by the invitation to be an Alteryx ACE in 2016, because sometimes she still feels like a newcomer herself! But her eagerness to learn and share her knowledge with others is exactly what they were looking for.

    Cathy was honored to be one of the presenters at the 2016 Alteryx Inspire Conference. Watch the webcast. She has also hosted a webinar for Alteryx, and been a guest blogger: Tips & Tricks from an Alteryx Ace, Cathy Bridges Part 1.

    Cathy's blog is

    Philip Riggs

    Data Virtuoso


    Is your data experience a Stairway to Heaven, or a Highway to Hell? Philip’s combination of creative problem-solving, spatial analytics knowledge, and visual aesthetics make music out of data wrangling. Whether retrieving data from databases, spreadsheets, or spatial files, he merges, munges, and makes data available for informed decision-making. His knowledge of Alteryx and Tableau gives him the tools to walk clients step-by-step through processes and results so they can see and understand what’s happening to their data. This way, clients can feel confident their information truly represents what they need so they can walk out joyfully dancing to the data music.