Man, this guy is a great teacher. As an educator I really appreciate his approach. Just excellent stuff coming from @jonathandrummey.
— Matt Lutton, Tableau Trainer, Tableau Zen Master 2014-15


 DataBlick offers a variety of Tableau training from one-on-one training sessions via HelpMeDataBlick to in-person on-site trainings.  Each of our in-person trainings is customized to fit your needs. We will engage with you for one or more calls in advance to have an understanding of your requirements, potentially do a pre-survey of participants to get a sense of skill levels and interests, and customize the course content as necessary. Beyond the Basics, Advanced, and Visualizing Data courses we offer several Deeper Dive options, read below to find out more about each.  

One question that comes up is whether to train using your existing data and workbooks.  For some portions of our courses we start with already-prepared data sources to enable you to build skills without getting caught up in the details (or potential problems!) of your data. After that we can go deeper using your data, and for other portions we can use your data. For example the parts of the Basic and Advanced courses on understanding data structure and shape are great places to use the data you already know as an example. Let us know what you’d like to do and we will discuss where that fits best in each class.

TABLEAU BASICS (2 days in-person)

The Tableau Basics course teaches you the fundamentals of Tableau and is helpful for anyone who works with data no matter their technical background. You’ll come out of the course with an understanding of Tableau terminology, be able to create visualizations, and build dashboards. What makes this course from DataBlick different is that we also teach you how Tableau works so you have a firm foundation for further learning.

  • Introduction
  • Connecting to data
  • Creating Your First Visualization
  • How does Tableau do that?
  • Filtering and Sorting
  • Intro to Categorizing
  • Working with Dates
  • Intro to Visual Analytics
  • Text Tables
  • Intro to Calculations
  • Flowing with Tableau
  • Parameters
  • Part to whole relationships
  • Comparisons & direction
  • Intro to dashboards
  • Delivery
  • Next Steps – building your Tableau skills

TABLEAU ADVANCED (2 days in-person)

The Tableau Advanced course is for the user who wants to be able to take fuller advantage of Tableau’s features and functionality. If you have not taken DataBlick’s basics course we’ll start out with the review of the fundamental understandings of Tableau that will enable you to reach a new level of ability. You’ll come out of the course with an understanding of how to construct advanced chart types, build complex calculations and dashboards, create the right data sources for your needs, work more efficiently in Tableau.

  •  Review Fundamentals
  •  Joins and Blends
  •  Getting the Right Values
  •  Putting it all together
  •  Geocoding & Advanced Mapping
  •  Advanced Dashboards
  •  Reaching the tip of the pyramid: data, design, storytelling, and performance

VISUALIZING DATA (1/2 day in-person)

This course is for Tableau users who have a solid understanding of how to work in Tableau and will help you build skills in generating the best visualizations for your audiences. This course may be combined with other DataBlick offerings to fill out an entire day.

  • Pre-attentive processing - how humans process data
  • Visual encodings of data
  • Finding the “right” viz
  • Exploratory vs. explanatory visualization
  • Refining


These are additional possible content areas that could be inserted or added into your training and are based on the vast Tableau experience of the DataBlick staff. Each of the sub-bullets could be an hour or more, the amount of time we take depends on how much you want to cover and how deep you want to go!

 Working with your data & workbooks

  • Guidance & support as you construct views and dashboards with your data
  • Evaluating your dashboards for interactivity, performance, etc.
  • Working with specific types of data (survey data, logistics, budgets & forecasting, etc.)

Using Tableau efficiently

  • Preparing data sources for ease of maintenance, interactivity, etc.
  • Building performant workbooks & performance tuning
  • Using Tableau as an interactive tool for analysis
  • SQL for Tableau users

Tableau mastery - learn Jedi-level techniques for:

  • Conditional formatting
  • Table calculations
  • Level of Detail Expressions
  • Data blending
  • Approaching Tableau as a data-driven drawing engine

Setting up a Tableau Center of Excellence

Understanding new Tableau features in 9.2, 9.3, etc.

DataBlick’s lead trainer is Jonathan Drummey. With a background in technical writing, course development, and training (he has taught downhill skiing, desktop and enterprise software configuration and operation, massage therapy, and of course Tableau) Jonathan is excited to share his deep Tableau knowledge. Jonathan is one of the original Tableau Zen Masters (super-users of Tableau), is a Tableau Certified Professional, and has advised Tableau on the content of Tableau documentation and certification exams. His blog is one of the most-read Tableau blogs and he regularly tweets Tableau tips @helpmedatablick. When he’s not training or consulting about Tableau Jonathan resides on the coast of Maine with his singer-songwriter wife and aspiring gymnast daughter.