Kids can help #VisualizeNoMalaria!

The below is a blog post from Anya's son, Max:

Hi, my name is Max. I am eleven years old and I am going into sixth grade.I LOVE video games and Legos. Yesterday, though instead of playing Minecraft, I volunteered by tracing buildings with my Mom, to help support the fight against Malaria in Zambia.


I did this because I like to be in the wilderness and go camping and have been bitten by mosquitos many times.I can’t imagine getting sick or dying from just being bitten by a mosquito and don’t think any kid should worry or suffer from this.

It is really easy to help.If you want to help too, go this link follow the instructions.

Have a grown-up help you create an account and watch you trace the first few buildings to make sure you are doing it correctly.I am way better at this than my Mom though ;-p.Find a square to complete and click on it.You have to make sure you cover all of your square.I zoomed into to 150 ft level to find the buildings.Once you’ve done that, click the area button at the top and click the edges of the building you found, and on the last one double-click on it, to make it a closed shape . On the sidebar, you’ll see something called “Building”, click on it.My shortcut tips:Press “S” to perfect it, then press “3” to finish. If it is a circle press “O” not “S”.   While I was doing this I wondered what it would be like to live there and what the kids there did for fun.  Maybe if my Mom goes back to Zambia, she can take me and I can see those houses and kids.

Buildings in Zambia Traced

Be sure to save your work and have your mom or dad check it.  Unlock your square when you are finished.You then can see your name in a list with all the other awesome people that helped!

HOTOSM Project to Map Livingstone

You should do this to because it will help save lives.We can all make a difference. We are all important.Instead of playing video games for a couple of hours,  maybe you can help too?