4th and 5th Grade Girls Help #VisualizeNoMalaria

San Francisco 4th and 5th grade "datagirls" traced buildings in Zimbabwe to help #VisualizeNoMalaria

San Francisco 4th and 5th grade "datagirls" traced buildings in Zimbabwe to help #VisualizeNoMalaria

Over the last couple of months, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to meet with the 4th and 5th Grade Girls Club at a San Francisco school and get them excited about all things data visualization and mapping. In a couple lunches and after school workshops we learned about cartography, map construction, and design.   We then built our own outrageously fun, custom maps of San Francisco after talking about how to style points shapes and lines to make our maps highlight certain information or features.  

We then had two after school workshops where the girls were able to learn how to contribute to the #VisualizeNoMalaria project by tracing buildings using Humanitarian OpenStreetMap.  The girls really loved the idea that they responsible for adding shapes so that one day someone make a map that uses them to help fight malaria or just make a fancy map with Mapbox that used their traced buildings.  They were interested in learning more about the people that lived in the houses they traced.

Below is my presentation for all the lessons, as well as the instructions for the building tracing.   My hope is to help data viz and map practitioners to get involved with children in their local schools to inspire the #DataKids of tomorrow.  Get to Mapping!  

If you would like the presentation, or more information on how to host a similar event at your school please contact us!