Where's DataBlick at #data16

We’re super-excited about the 2016 Tableau Conference next week and we’re presenting and attending sessions all over place so we thought we'd give you a way to find us! Here’s a Tableau view with our schedule and links:

Noah Salvaterra is our designated DataBlick’er who will be roving around the conference ready to answer your troubling Tableau questions! He’ll be in the surgeon’s coat and can be found in the community.

You might have noticed our new logo and redesign, as part of that our team all got cartoons and new business cards:


When we introduced our new business cards on social media there were comments from a few people who wanted to collect them, we like that idea so much we’re going to do a 2016 Tableau Conference contest! If you collect all five business cards and present them to Anya A’Hearn at the conference you’ll win a chance to get one of our spiffy DataBlick tshirts. If you manage to complete your collection with the secret sixth DataBlick business card then you’ll get a free hour of HelpMeDataBlick! (First person to get all six cards to Anya wins).

See you at #data16!