Where's DataBlick at #data17?

We're saddened and outraged by the tragedy in Las Vegas and offer our sympathies to those affected. And we are determined to help make the Tableau Conference a place of connection, community, and support for the attendees and those who were affected. Please check the #data17donates hashtag for how you can help out yourself, the Tableau community is already responding!

We've got a smaller crew than usual at #data17—it might be hard to believe, but babies and little ones can be even more fun than the Tableau Conference. No matter what, though, we're going to rock some new tee shirts, here's a sneak preview:

Who is this jolly fellow?

Who is this jolly fellow?

If you want to find us—Anya, Jonathan, and friend of DataBlick Allan—to score a tee shirt or just say "hi" here's where we know we'll be and when:

Zens in the Community
What: If you've ever wanted to find a Tableau Zen Master and say "thanks!" or "why did you do that???" or ask "what is a Zen Master, anyways??" this is your chance. There will be Zen Masters available in the community center throughout the conference!
Where: South - L1 - Bayside C - Data Village - Community Center
When: Tue 10/10 12-1pm (Anya & Allan)
Wed 10/11 3-4pm (Jonathan)
Thu 10/12 8-8:30am (Jonathan)
Thu 10/12 9-10am (Anya)

PATH #visualizenomalaria Booth
What: Anya, Allan, and Jonathan have all been volunteers on the #visualizenomalaria project and we're excited that PATH has this opportunity to show to the community the great work that has been done by the team of volunteers, partner vendors, PATH, and most importantly the Zambian Ministry of Health staff!
Where: South - L1 - Bayside C - Data Village - Community Center
When: Various times (Anya & Allan)
Tue 10/10 1-1:45pm (Jonathan)
Wed 10/11 4-4:45pm (Jonathan)

Tableau Zen Doctor
What: Hey, we get to play Tableau Doctor and answer your Tableau questions! We've heard that when you register for Tableau Doctor there's no way to request us, you can always leave a message for us at the Tableau Doctor registration desk!
Where: South - L1 - Bayside A
When: Mon 10/9 10:45am-12pm (Jonathan)
Tue 10/10 7-8am (Jonathan)
Wed 10/11 9:45am-12pm (Allan)
Thu 10/12 8:45-10am (Allan)

Crafting Powerful Data
What: Anya & Allan are delivering this session on making "tools not jewels", and incorporating UX from other fields to make more powerful Tableau visualization.
Where: South - L2 - Oceanside D
When: Tue 10/10 2-3pm

Meetup: The Tableau community and user groups
What: This is a celebration and gathering of the Tableau community forums users, user group leaders, and more!
Where: Data Village - Meetup Tables
When: Tue 10/10 3:30-4:30pm

Healthcare User Group
What: Jonathan is facilitating this annual Tableau conference healthcare user group where there will be two presentations from Virginia Commonwealth University Health System and Evolution Health and some time for networking.
Where: Four Seasons - L2 - Four Seasons Ballroom 4
When: Wed 10/11 7-8am

High Alert: Mastering Data Driven Alerts
What: Jonathan & Tableau's Candy Wong are presenting a session on how to take advantage of the new data driven alerting feature introduced in v10.3. Following the session Jonathan will be available for more Q&A at the Zens in the Community.
Where: North - South Pacific E *and* livestreamed for the Tableau Conference Live!
When: Wed 10/11 1:30-2:30pm

See you next week!

What does this person have??

What does this person have??